National Access Cannabis Opens Ottawa Care Centre

National Access Cannabis Opens Flagship Ottawa Care Centre

National Access Cannabis provides education and guidance with physician and pharmacist support for informed, responsible and legal access to Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana program.

Ottawa, ON – June 29, 2015 – National Access Cannabis (NAC), Canada’s provider of physician and pharmacist guided, safe, informed, responsible and legal access to Health Canada’s medical cannabis program, today officially opened it’s first Ottawa location at 1111 Wellington Street West.

NAC provides education on how Health Canada’s medical marijuana system works. Members are connected with a physician for a medical assessment and NAC assists with selecting a Licensed Producer and submitting the required Health Canada medical documents.

Members also receive pharmacist consultations and ongoing guidance on responsible use while NAC pharmacy software monitors safe usage. In addition, NAC members receive the National Access Cannabis Card, a secure medical marijuana card developed in consultation with law enforcement for compliance with Health Canada and law enforcement.

“We are excited to give Ottawa residents the resources and professional guidance needed to access Health Canada’s legal medical cannabis program safely and responsibly with pharmacist and physician support,” said Gulwant Bajwa, CEO of National Access Cannabis.

Health Canada operates a legal medical marijuana program called the MMPR, but the process is complex. Learning how to access it and understanding what conditions can be treated and how to take cannabis medication safely, effectively and responsibly is NAC’s specialty.

NAC represents the beginning of a new pharmacy style approach to accessing Canada’s legal medical cannabis program, where patients are given guidance and support by health professionals in a modern care centre environment.

“We provide members with important services that are the norm at traditional pharmacies but are not consistently offered to Canadian medical cannabis patients,” added Bajwa.”Our service includes pharmacist consultations to monitor potentially dangerous interactions with existing prescription medications.”

NAC is in the expansion process with care centres planned in cities across Canada. The Ottawa location is the second care centre following Victoria, BC which opened in January, 2015.

To learn more about NAC visit NAC can also be found on its social channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

*About National Access Cannabis (NAC):

NAC is devoted to improving patients’ quality of life by creating more NAC care centres in cities across Canada. NAC facilitates safe access to medical marijuana within the laws and guidelines of Health Canada by connecting our members with physicians, providing pharmacist consultations and pharmacy software to monitor safe usage, and giving members a medical marijuana card for compliance with Health Canada and law enforcement.

Colin Trethewey/NAC VP of Communications

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