NAC Applauds Health Canada’s Decision to Allow Canadians to Legally Access Cannabis Oil

Health Canada is now allowing licensed medical marijuana growers to produce and sell concentrated cannabis oil. This gives National Access Cannabis members the ability to choose a smoke-free treatment option and order cannabis oil from a regulated, trusted and safe source.

Ottawa, ON – July 15, 2015 – National Access Cannabis (NAC), Canada’s provider of physician and pharmacist guided, safe, informed, responsible and legal access to medical cannabis applauds Health Canada for granting legal access to cannabis oil.

The decision will allow Canadians, who use cannabis oil to treat ailments and conditions, to come out of the shadows and order their medical cannabis oil from licensed producers where the quality and source of the product is regulated.

Many Canadians use cannabis oil in their medical treatments, but until now the only way to get it was from unlicensed and federally illegal dispensaries or suppliers,” says Gulwant Bajwa CEO of NAC. “We are encouraged that Health Canada has taken this progressive step, and in doing so has given Canadians a way to access their medication from a trusted source where the quality, cleanliness and safety of the product will no longer be in doubt.”

Health Canada’s decision comes on the heels of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in June that stated: “The prohibition of non-dried forms of medical marijuana limits liberty and security of the person in a manner that is arbitrary and hence is not in accord with the principles of fundamental justice.”

For patients the ruling and Health Canada’s announcement means Canadians can now access a smoke-free option from the Licensed Producer system which requires rigorous quality control protocols to avoid harmful contaminants, mold and pathogens.

With two care centres now open (Ottawa opened June 29, Victoria opened January 14) NAC is providing Canadians with a responsible, safe, informed and legal way to access medical cannabis from Licensed Producers, which will now include an option to order cannabis oil.

NAC is expanding into additional cities across the country later in 2015 with Toronto expected to be the next location.

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*About National Access Cannabis (NAC):

NAC is devoted to improving patients’ quality of life by creating more local care centres in cities across Canada. NAC facilitates safe access to medical marijuana within the laws and guidelines of Health Canada by connecting our members with physicians, providing pharmacist consultations and pharmacy software to monitor safe usage, and giving members a medical marijuana card for compliance with Health Canada and law enforcement.


Colin Trethewey/NAC VP of Communications

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