Our evidenced-based, harm reduction research study will be led by an international team of renowned researchers and physicians based in both Canada and the United States.


National Access Cannabis operates health centres dedicated to assisting patients throughout Canada by facilitating the process of obtaining a medicinal cannabis prescription. We assist Canadians in maneuvering the ever changing Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations (MMPR) system by providing up to date information on Health Canada approved licensed producers.


Founded by President and CEO Dr. Pritesh Kumar, PhytoSciences was conceived to represent patients and to provide clinical trial solutions and quality control services to the medical cannabis industry. Phytoscience’s primary mission is to promote cannabinoid research, establish standards within the cannabis testing sector and serve as a global leader in ethical laboratory and testing practices.

Results to be published

National Access Cannabis, in collaboration with PhytoSciences Consulting, a U.S. company specializing in clinical trial design pertaining to medical cannabis, will be establishing the first two-year pharmacovigilance project to monitor outcomes and adverse events related to the use of cannabis for medical purposes in Canada. This project will provide important observational data to support future evidenced-based clinical trials.


We encourage physicians to enroll suitable patients, ( patients that use opioids and may benefit from medicinal cannabis treatment) in this study.

Meet the People Involved In the Study

Dr. Sheel Patel M.D.

Dr. Sheel Patel M.D.

Dr. Sheel Patel is a private practice physician where his work focuses on accurately diagnosing and comprehensively treating the underlying cause of a variety of pain syndromes. Dr. Patel also manages the private-public partnerships pertaining to the structuring of clinical trials related to the use of cannabinoids in pain in coordination with the PhytoSciences Consulting team.

Dr. Pritesh Kumar PH.D.

Dr. Pritesh Kumar PH.D.

Dr. Pritesh Kumar earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology, with a focus in cannabinoid pharmacology, from the University of Louisville. Currently, Dr. Kumar is the CEO of PhytoSciences and leads a team of 40+ global scientists / physicians with a primary focus of developing safe, consistent, and pure medicinal cannabinoid-based therapeutics.

To enrol your patient in this study


The physician completes the medical authorization form

This form authorizes the patient to legally access medicinal cannabis from a Health Canada licensed production facility of medicinal cannabis.


Scan and send form

The physician’s office scans the medical authorization form and sends the form to study@nationalaccesscannabis.com


Contact With Patient

A National Access Cannabis Consultant will contact your patient by phone and educate patient on strains and methods of consumption, register patient with a Health Canada approved producer of medicinal cannabis and respond to patients questions.

Follow the link below to view the complete process.


Any Special Instructions?

National Access Cannabis has a nurse on staff & should a physician have any special instructions for follow up concerning the patient this can be accommodated.


If you have any questions about the study, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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