The National Access Cannabis Card

A breakthrough for member security and safety, the National Access Cannabis Card is a unique identification system identifying legal medical marijuana patients.

For members

 We’re committed to responsibility, through our secure non-transferable medical marijuana card system. A system we are establishing in consultation with law enforcement to achieve national recognition.  The National Access Cannabis Card offers real time verification – anytime, anywhere. For members, it’s all about peace of mind. The NAC card means freedom from worry about legal misunderstandings when you travel in Canada. And as we grow, your card will be welcomed at National Access Cannabis locations across Canada.

Peace of mind.

the card

Working in consultation with law enforcement agencies and security experts allowed us to build a fast and reliable identification system. The Card replaces the easily forged paper authorization issued by physicians – eliminating opportunities for forgery.

We believe it’s an important step in safe, secure medical cannabis access as medical marijuana becomes a mainstream treatment option.


let’s talk answers

Who can benefit from these alternative treatment options? Are some strains more effective? What about controlling for side effects and drug interactions? How do I register to become a medicinal marijuana patient?