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National Access Cannabis has developed Canada’s best model for safe, secure, responsible medical marijuana.

Everywhere in Canada

We’re passionate about our best-practices based membership model and believe it offers the most appropriate way to meet the alternative medication needs of Canadians. That’s why plans are now underway to open new National Access Cannabis centres in every province in Canada.

Believing in people.

it’s good news

Everywhere in Canada people are seeking relief from challenging medical symptoms – symptoms that may respond well to medical cannabis.


National Access Cannabis is addressing this need with an ambitious program that aims to launch several centres nation-wide by 2016. To make it happen, we’re growing a chain of company owned centres and partnering with health professionals and others to launch a number of centres in key locations. It’s good news for people in smaller cities seeking access to safe, reliable medical marijuana. And it’s good news for our existing members who travel across the country.

National Access Cannabis is growing!

We currently have locations in Ottawa, Victoria, Halifax and Toronto. We are in the process of opening more locations in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and a secondary Toronto location. View our locations HERE.


let’s talk answers

Who can benefit from these alternative treatment options? Are some strains more effective? What about controlling for side effects and drug interactions? How do I register to become a medicinal marijuana patient?