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Being certified organic isn’t easy. It means special care in every aspect of how we grow our plants – soil, fertilizer, inspections – but in the end, it means a better, safer product. Which makes it all worthwhile.

Strong roots are important… not just in our plants but in our company as well.

From the day we started back in 2013, it’s been about making lives better – for our clients, our people and our community.

We’re based in Moncton, New Brunswick, the heart of the Maritimes, but at OrganiGram we’re committed to improving the quality of life for Canadians across the country.

For us, this means working with health-care providers and industry organizations, supporting research and education, and providing a safe, effective product. To be effective in that last goal, we made a decision to produce organic cannabis.

Growing certified organic medical cannabis isn’t easy, in fact, most licensed producers won’t take this on. It means more care, more testing, more rules… but in the end it means a product that we feel delivers on our goals in the best way.

And improving the quality of life for Canadians is not just about getting safe, quality product to them effectively. It’s about creating jobs, being good neighbors and contributing to our community.

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