You can feel confident

Medical cannabis is not part of your practice. Yet some patients are asking for medical marijuana treatments. A positive answer?

Refer alternative patients to the experienced staff at National Access Cannabis.


Medical cannabis treatments are new, and many physicians are uncertain about how to proceed with patients seeking this alternative medication. It’s good to know that you can refer patients in confidence to the conscientious, wellness-focused staff at National Access Cannabis.

Prescription, Referral, & Release Forms

Prescription Form

Bringing the Prescription Form to your current family doctor or specialist enables you, if signed and returned, to
obtain your medical cannabis card through our services.

The doctor or specialist in question must be comfortable with prescribing Cannabis through filling out the individuals grams per day & duration.

Referral Form

The second avenue of approach is to provide your family doctor or specialist with our Referral Form. This process alleviates the medical professional from prescribing Cannabis, and instead provides our MD with a better idea of the individual’s ailments and eligibility for medical cannabis.

Release Form

The third avenue of approach is if your doctor is unwilling to assist you. Medical records that support your diagnosed ailment will need to be collected one of two ways; on your own from your doctors receptionist, or we can obtain them with a completed Release Form.

A prescription/treatment history will also need to be provided.

safety is a priority

Your patients will be assessed by a knowledgeable physician with experience in alternative medication.


Let’s Talk Answers

Ongoing education and regular follow up are key to the National Access Cannabis commitment to safety and well-being. Patients who become National Access Cannabis members will be in caring company. We welcome your questions about our medical cannabis services.

National Access Cannabis is building a resource base of alternative physicians across Canada. We want to talk to physicians who are interested in working with our patients.


Let’s talk answers

Who can benefit from these alternative treatment options? Are some strains more effective? What about controlling for side effects and drug interactions? How do I register to become a medicinal marijuana patient?