In Home Services

As we continue to spread across this great country of ours, we understand that not all people have access to a National Access Cannabis clinic in their area. This is why we offer an in home telemedicine appointment to people who meet the needed requirements.

Offering workshops, hands on instruction and on site services is a large part of our dedication to continuing education and information for our members. With these on site services not available to telemedicine* members, this is a discounted avenue of approach.

*A telemedicine appointment is when we connect our members with an MD for a consultation in the comfort of their own home on their computer or phone.


Contact an NAC Centre to Discuss Eligibility

A staff member will talk with you about your medical condition, and ask about any medications or treatments. In order to be eligible you must be over the age of 20 (with parental consent to the age 25), have been diagnosed with a medical ailment, and have tried at least one prior medication or treatment.



Complete Your NAC Medical File

See Medical Forms for the three different avenues to obtain the appropriate medical information. Once provided, you will need to complete some NAC paperwork to finalize your medical file.



Have a Physician Consultation via Telemedicine

We arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable physician. In most cases wait times are minimal, and patients are typically seen within 1-2 weeks. Once successfully prescribed, NAC will have an in-depth education discussion with you, and issue an electronically secured wallet sized medical ID card.


Order Your Medication

National Access Cannabis assists you in selecting the right strain and placing your order with a licensed producer. This producer will send your order by mail to your home address.

Once you are a legal medical cannabis member, our staff will take the time to address any and all concerns you have regarding the next steps of your process.

Benefits of NAC Membership

Our electronically secured wallet-ready patient ID card

Your National Access Cannabis Access card replaces paper documents with a secure easy-to-carry card that confirms your legal medical marijuana patient status wherever you go in Canada. It comes with built in features to quickly enable confirmation by law enforcement authorities. Plus when you travel, your card will be welcomed at a growing nationwide network of NAC centres.

Education & Resource Center

Members receive an in-depth education session. They can also contact National Access Cannabis anytime to address questions, concerns, or receive guidance. Our goal is to ensure members are comfortable and confident using their medication.

Discounted Merchandise

Members receive 10% off all retail items.

Order Your Medication

National Access Cannabis will assist you in selecting an appropriate strain and transmitting your order to a licensed medical cannabis producer.

Friendly and knowledgeable expert staff

National Access Cannabis was founded on the idea of talking with people about wellness. We are all about being here for you.

Our goal? Making sure you always have safe access to the medication you need.

Prescription, Referral, & Release Forms

Prescription Form

Bringing the Prescription Form to your current family doctor or specialist enables you, if signed and returned, to
obtain your medical cannabis card through our services.

The doctor or specialist in question must be comfortable with prescribing Cannabis through filling out the individuals grams per day & duration.

Referral Form

The second avenue of approach is to provide your family doctor or specialist with our Referral Form. This process alleviates the medical professional from prescribing Cannabis, and instead provides our MD with a better idea of the individual’s ailments and eligibility for medical cannabis.

Release Form

The third avenue of approach is if your doctor is unwilling to assist you. Medical records that support your diagnosed ailment will need to be collected one of two ways; on your own from your doctors receptionist, or we can obtain them with a completed Release Form.

A prescription/treatment history will also need to be provided.


Let’s talk answers

Fill out this Member Application form to get the process started. Once complete A staff member will talk with you about your medical condition and determine if you will be eligible for medical cannabis, and will walk you through the steps necessary to complete your application.

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I have been treated by a physician for the above condition.

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NAC is committed to protecting your privacy. The NAC Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.