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National Access Cannabis is a unique Health Care service provider that specializes in prescribing medical cannabis and provides members with ongoing education and care. We work alongside Health Canada and Licensed Producers to help qualifying patients gain access to their license as well as provide research and support on using medical cannabis in their day-to-day routine.

Patient Forms

Prescription Form

Comfortable with prescribing medical cannabis but want your patients to have additional resources? Use this form to give your patients access to all Licensed Producers and receive support from our medical & cannabis information specialists.

Referral Form

Not ready to prescribe? Please use this form to refer a potential medical cannabis patient to our medical team at NAC for assessment. If qualified, this patient will receive an appointment with a physician for their prescription. (2 week patient processing time)

Safety is a priority.

Your patients will be assessed by knowledgeable nurses and physicians with experience in medical cannabis.

Ongoing education and regular follow-ups are key to National Access Cannabis’ commitment to patient safety and well-being. Our medical team is responsible for aiding with drug interactions, dosage control and reporting patient status back to the referring or prescribing physician.

Our patients have unlimited access to our cannabis information specialists and medical team to make sure their needs are met through their individualized treatment program. We also offer educational seminars and special events to engage our members and the community on responsible cannabis use by offering expert advice and a direct link to the most up-to-date research. We pride ourselves on our patient-care standards and quick access for patients the qualify.

Have additional questions about our process, or interested in working with National Access Cannabis? Please get in touch with our medical team at:


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