What every Veteran needs to know about the ACMPR system

Since the release of the new ACMPR ( Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes and Regulations ) system on August 24th, many questions have been raised on the future of medical cannabis in Canada.

For our Veterans, this new law addresses many aspects from patients growing their own medication to licensed producers roles moving forward. What services and products are covered by Medavie Blue Cross, how can I make my own cannabis oil, butter or tinctures to other popular FAQ’s from the everyday patient in this lengthy document are not.

With the ever growing amount of Canadian Veterans choosing to ditch their synthetic medications for a medical cannabis alternative, there are still many unanswered questions and clarity is needed for those Veterans not in the current social loop.

For example, after discussing the new ACMPR system with some Veterans at the last health care professional seminar hosted by National Access Cannabis, I was shocked to learn that some of these fine women and men were not even informed that *100% ( up to 10 grams a day ) of their medical cannabis can be fully covered through their current insurance plans.

* Cannabis oil is currently not covered* At NAC, if you are a Veteran ask us about our FREE membership & Magical Butter incentive….we here can provide you with the needed tools and guidance to produce your own medical cannabis oil from the comfort of your own home.

Clayton Goodwin of the Veterans Accountability Commission addressed the issue this past May:

“In the auditor general’s report; he basically leaves out facts,” Goodwin said at a media event on Parliament Hill. “He comes at it from the cost of medical marijuana. He has not said anything about the cost of pharmaceuticals.”

Without the needed gathered information from the mouths of Veterans themselves, the future of what is required for these important patients will continue to go unaddressed. The current estimated 80% of Veterans reducing the use of their pharmaceuticals have important opinions that need to be heard.


  • Three years ago there were 112 veterans taking prescribed pot at a cost of $408,000, but by the end of December 2015 some 1,320 ex-soldiers were enrolled at a cost of $12.1 million.


To sign the petition for Veterans in regards to having medical cannabis oil covered, click here:


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