Wellness Soldier & NAC: A Perfect Pairing

At National Access Cannabis & The Wellness Soldier, you will find information, products and services in the areas of Clean Eating, Fitness, Meditation, and Medical Cannabis as these are all ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. #letstalkveterans

National Access Cannabis is excited to announce some upcoming one of a kind Cooking with Cannabis classes, hosted in collaboration with The Wellness Soldier as part of our ongoing Veterans Initiative Program

Currently living in Victoria, B.C., Cody is known Canada wide in the medical cannabis industry for his delectable culinary skills, activism with Canadian Veterans, dedication to continuing cannabis education and most importantly his infectious attitude and smile.

Interested in what Cody has cooked up in the past? View his most recent recipes in collaboration with NAC and The Peace Naturals Project here:  RECIPE CARDS

By offering access to the ACMPR, rehabilitation and vocational services, Veteran specific dinners and more, the NAC & Wellness Soldier partnership was a simple choice for both sides involved.


Date: Friday, August 4th

Location: 2571 Quadra St, Victoria BC

Contact: 250.590.5878 or email victoria@nationalaccesscannabis.com

What is the NAC Veterans Initiative Program?

It is giving individuals the required skills and confidence to once again be reintegrated into their past daily lives, relationships, careers and ease the transition back to civilian life.

It also entails creating an inviting, safe, secure and member driven atmosphere for all Veterans coast to coast.

Learn more here: http://nationalaccesscannabis.com/veterans/

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