Vaporizers and Medical Marijuana

As scientific studies continue to provide evidence to the medicinal benefits, but harmful side effects of smoking medical marijuana, the vaporizer has entered the market as a great tool for those seeking a healthier way of benefiting from the use of medical cannabis.

How to take your medicine

When using medical marijuana, many patients would like a different option other than smoking. When thinking of the stereotype of a marijuana or medical marijuana user, we usually think of an individual smoking it, similar to a cigarette. And as research indicates, smoking is unhealthy and has many negative side effects and outcomes (respiratory disorders and cancer are examples) for the user as well as for those around them (second-hand smoke).

One of the healthiest ways to take medical marijuana is to use a vaporizer. Using a vaporizer greatly reduces many of the side effects of smoking and because of its less vigorous burning; a properly used vaporizer reduces other by-products and results in a cleaner effect.

What is a vaporizer?

vaping-featVaporizers come in many styles and models with the two most common types being electric powered and butane powered. Some use rechargeable batteries and models include stationary and portable devices.

A vaporizer is a device that contains a chamber and an oven/bowl that heats the cannabis. With a built-in fan, heated air is blown through the chamber or pulled via inhalation. This results in a mist containing a strong potency but containing less of the toxins released from burning plant material. There are many different vaporizers available on the market, with some allowing direct inhalation from the chamber while others collect mist in a bag for slower consumption.

Sounds complicated

Not really. Choosing a vaporizer is similar to choosing any new consumer product. You consider how you are going to use it, how often, your budget and other factors that will help determine your decision. Picking a shop that is knowledgeable and carries a lot of inventory for you to view will also help with your decision. At NAC, our information specialists are knowledgeable about the vaporizer market as well as the different devices available and are able to highlight their different features to help you with your choices, based on your needs.

It is also a learning curve to go from smoking to using a vaporizer and this can be challenging, as it is an entirely new way of medicating. NAC specialists share resources and educate members, especially important for those with no prior or very limited information on vaping. Without this guidance and support, the process can quickly become overwhelming. It’s definitely a learning curve but once you get used to it, the positives far outweigh any learning curve.


Pros of using a vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is better for your lungs with little or no residue or smell occurring when vaporizing. As well, it is rare that you will cough or experience a sore throat.

The effect of vaporizing produces a calming and longer lasting effect.

A vaporizer provides an opportunity for discreet use.

Vaping is less intrusive than smoking as it is a water vapor as opposed to smoke. Think about if you have a cold at home and you put your vaporizer in your room at night to make it easier to breathe and sleep. There is a moist mist in the air helping you feel better. A similar effect happens with the cannabis vaporizers; there is no smoke but rather a water based mist present.

Cons of using a vaporizer

There really aren’t any. That being said, it is important to keep the temperature consistent, as vaporization temperatures are key to getting the full benefit from your medical marijuana prescription.

Other things to consider when choosing a vaporizer

The quality of your machine is also important. A lower quality oven/bowl may cause you more trouble, as you cannot always ensure you are getting the right medicine dose and you do not want to waste any of your medicine if it doesn’t heat properly

The mechanics of the vaporizer you choose along with the materials it is made out of is also important. Many vaporizers use a combination of plastic and steel together so your flavour profile may not be as clean compared to using glass materials.

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  • the trippy hippy

    This may be an anecdotal benefit but I feel more energetic using a vaporizer as opposed to a bong.

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