From Cacao to Cannabis, Members Event: LP Tour

Just in the past few weeks, the NAC Ottawa clinic was lucky enough to invite 15 local members who had Tweed as their personal LP to pay a visit to the ever expanding Tweed medical cannabis grow facility.

Located in the cozy town of Smith Falls, many people from the surrounding areas remember visiting this location for years prior to get a behind the scenes look at how Hershey was creating their lip smacking product line. While there is no longer chocolate products being produced, you can still see some subtle and some in your face remnants of the old cacao company throughout the current roughly 472,000 sq ft  facility. A great nod to the building’s historic past. Multiple areas were visibly in expansion or under delicate construction showing the ever growing future of this venue.

Currently housing around 270 employees, a number that has doubled in the past year, we were greeted by some very knowledgable and friendly staff. The tour was a fantastic way to learn the history of the licensed producer and many little fun facts along the way. It was an open Q&A the entire time so NAC members were able to really pick the brains from all types of medical cannabis industry fields from growers and trimmers to call agents and quality control specialists.

Learning about Tweed’s multiple facilities throughout Canada in the likes of Scarborough ONT, Drummondville QC, Niagara On The Lake ONT, a Saskatchewan location and with eyes on Alberta in the near future, their goal of 1 location per province prior to the legalisation of recreational cannabis seems like a likely one. Add to this their Mettrum focused locations in Creemore Springs ONT and Bowmanville ONT, growth is always a part of the Tweed mentality.


As some readers may already know, Tweed which is now also known as Tweed Main Street, is home to a variety of LP’s making it one of Canada’s largest online menus of medical cannabis. We experienced this first hand by seeing multiple, gorgeous massive grow rooms that housed Tweed grown strains from D.N.A Genetics, a grower that has a resume that boasts a win in EVERY category of HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, Bedrocan a grower known throughout seven countries for its consistent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes from their ability to draw on over two decades of cannabis cultivation experience and the always crowd pleasing Leafs by Snoop, a celebrity strain from Snoop Dogg who wants everyone to medicate, elevate and put it in the air! Available in Canada ONLY via Tweed Main St.

One of our members, Samantha Swanson

Ensuring that every NAC member had ample time to view the labyrinth of grow rooms, trimming areas and shipping and packing locations was just a small part of this informative experience. All while having their questions and concerns addressed. My personal favorite experience was when our group was invited to see the newly purchased cannabis oil extractor system which is the biggest I have ever laid my eyes on! Being in this industry and lucky enough to sometimes travel to cannabis events, I thought I had seen the biggest in the business but this newly obtained unit was one to truly take in. This being said, it also foreshadowed the current gaining trend in medical cannabis via the more preferred option of consuming oils, tinctures and capsules as opposed to smoking and vaporization.

The current issue faced by multiple LP’s of constant product availability and the unignorable supply and demand requirements facing Canadian medical cannabis producers today continues to be a question mark in the field and has many questioning what will happen with the upcoming introduction of recreational legalization.

History is everywhere in this historic building.

One way Tweed is dealing with this is ensuring that ALL clients who are registered prior to July 1st, 2018 will be “ Grandfathered “ in and above any new recreational users that will be signing up after the date priorly mentioned. Another example of their capability and willingness to adapt.

On top of this, Tweed is amalgamating their online platforms as well as adding Craft Grow which allows patients more variety and minimal chances for product shortages.

Their current streak of over 3 months with a constant selection of 20 strains or more will only continue to grow as time passes.

Overall the tour was an eye opening experience in regards to the future of cannabis in Canada as the country now houses 52 LP’s with more on the way in the near future. A big thank you to all the staff that took the time to answers all our questions and made us feel like we were right at home.

Interested in learning how to gain access to the current ACMPR system? Contact us today at 1.800.411.1126, visit our website at National Access Cannabis or email to learn more.


By The Numbers:

500 – Average number of Rx’s received on a daily basis

1700 – Average number of shipments per day

800-1300 – Average number of customer calls per day

110 – Number of current customer care employees

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