4 steps to get
Medical Cannabis in Canada

Step 1

Fill out our Intake Form

We will discuss your medical condition and any medications or treatments you’ve tried. In order to be eligible, you must have been diagnosed with a chronic condition that cannabis treats, and have tried at least one prior medication or treatment. 


Step 2

Provide Medical Documentation

Download our medical forms for the three different avenues to obtain your appropriate medical information. Once provided, you will need to complete some NAC paperwork to finalize your medical file.

Step 3

Consult with a Physician

We arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable physician in our clinic or through a telemedicine appointment from the comfort of your home. Once successfully prescribed, NAC will have an in-depth education discussion with you.

Step 4

Order Your Medication

National Access Cannabis assists you in selecting the right strain and placing your order with a licensed producer. This producer will send your order by mail to your home address.

National Access Cannabis

Is a unique Health Care service provider that specializes in prescribing medical cannabis, and provides members with ongoing education and care.  We work alongside Health Canada and Licensed Producers to help qualifying patients gain access to their license, as well as provide resources and support on using medical cannabis in their day-to-day routine.